Sunday, October 12, 2008


(Hindu annual ceremony)

Bonjour Friends and Family!

I hope you're enjoying the change of season! Just wanted to update you on my life since I began teaching in August in Dallas. I'll be sending out an update every month on what God's doing here! Please let me know if you have an email change or want me to take your email off the list.

August 25th->my 1st day, Sam Tasby Middle School, 6th grade science. My first month teaching, I cried often. The transition out of college was uncomfortable- new faces, no routines, constantly getting lost behind the wheel in the metroplex, living in the largest city I've ever resided, yet I felt more alone than I've ever experienced! I found a roommate, (through a college roommate) praise to God! Erica is from St. Louis, Missouri and teaches in a private school for urban children, very ministry focused. I was just flooded with awe one morning (which has occurred a few times this semester) running outside,remembering two things I had prayed for one day this summer. 1) For a Christian roommate, and one who is firmly rooted in following Jesus, and 2) to live by some type of body of water. It hit me, Erica matched that definition down to the adjectives, and secondly, White Rock Lake in Dallas is our backyard, our apartments line the edge of the lake! I'm notorious for not re-visiting the things I've asked in prayer, and sometimes miss recognizing how God answers every word!

*School Days*
My first two weeks were a shock. I almost had a fight in my room the first week, thankfully one of my tall 6th graders stepped in before a 2ndpunch was thrown between 2 girls.
I teach Hispanic and African American students, and about 4 white kids. I had a few refugee students in my class, but they were placed back into ESL classes :( Big disappointment, since these were the main ones who wanted to learn in my class! Every day I've left school with some level of frustration and anger from kid's lack of care and rudeness.

Our district is also going through a budget cut because of a debt close to$100 million, they will be cutting over 500 teachers in Dallas! All faculty have been on edge from the news, especially new hires. My job is on the line and next Wed-Fri, we will find out the 3 teachers who are cut from our campus. Please pray for God's hand to cover those He's placed in this school to bring change.

*Good things*
I'm getting involved with a prayer group who reach out to refugees in an apartment complex and sex-trafficking victims in Dallas. We're hearing of and have found close to 50 brothels that have opened in the Dallas area, where women are being sold to service men. Some of the ladies have met with a few women who have wanted out, please be in prayer that God will continue to build bridges of trust. Today, a group of us picked up some Bhutanese girls and boys for church and were invited to stay for a annual ceremony at one of the families homes over lunch. So fun!

*Ways to Pray*
-> That God would connect me with my students (cause it's really hard to love some of the little jerks right now...arghhh!)
-> Refugee ministry and sex-trade victims
-> Budget cuts

Love you all! Please let me know how your lives are these days. Oh, how I miss Sweet Home College Station.
Til all have heard,

Kirsten Wingate


Miles Vincent Grimes said...

miss kirsten wingate! people need an update on what you're up to in the heart of dallas! shoot.

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